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nowe Wi-Fi SMART nowe SMART Sensor

We pride ourselves on giving the best quality, brands and service. So if for any reason you're not happy with your purchase; contact us and we will do our best to rectify the problem.

nowe Wi-Fi SMART nowe SMART Sensor

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Welcome to your new Wi-Fi SMART nowe SMART Sensor.   

Works with Google Home, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Google & Google Home are trademarks of Google LLC.

Hubless automation is here. Introducing the nowe SMART Sensor that doesn't require a hub or gateway. All you need is your current Wi-Fi access, mobile device, and your new nowe SMART Sensor.

Nowe SMART Sensor works fabulously on its own, and even better with other nowe IoT teammates. Combine your SMART sensor with the nowe SMART LED Bulb to create lighting automation from a simple door opening or closing. Or use it in the event to detect when the kids have arrived home with push message notification alerts.

Once the SMART Sensor detects any change, with a  door or Window opening or closing, it comes to life. It even can identify tampering and also enabling the customization of actions seamlessly time after time, smartly and intuitively.  

How about having that fabulous lounge room lamp create perfect ambience and mood lighting as you open or close the garage door? 

How about peace of mind knowing you can detect whether a door or window has been left unclosed?

Well, now you can all enabled through your home or office Wi-Fi and nowe products. 

These are just some of the convenient ways to increase your home's IQ that enables you real-time control of your devices the nowe SMART way.    

Product Specification   

Backed by our 24 month manufacturer's warranty   

Power supply:                          2 X AAA battery , 3V  

Wireless transmitting

& and receiving frequency:     2.4GHz~2.484GHz

Network protocol supported: IEEE802.11 b/g/n

Transmitting power:                        802.11b:17dBm+2dBm@11Mbps 



Receiving sensitivity:              802.11b:-91dBm@11Mbps 8%PER 

                                                    802.11g:-75dBm@54Mbps 10%PER 

                                                    802.11n:-72dBm@MCS7_HT20 10%PER

Vector error EVM:                  802.11b:<35%

                                                    802.11g:-28dBm max.


Working temperature:             -10+40C

Storage temperature:               -40+70C

Relative humidity:                      8%~80%

Supporting system: IOS & ANDRIOD

SMART sensor quick install guide

getting started


To open your nowe  SMART sensor, use the release button located on the top of the unit to pull off the back covering.

powering UP


Insert the batteries (2 X AAA) provided and press BUTTON1

If the LED light flashes BLUE, the device is working fine, if not, please check or replace batteries. 

LED flashing light


Understanding the flashing lights. 

In the event of a trigger or tamper, the LED light will flash either BLUE if connected to your Wi-Fi, or PURPLE if there is no Wi-Fi connection.

Wi-Fi pairing


Pressing and holding BUTTON1 for 5 secondswill enter your nowe  SMART into pairing mode. The LED light will default to blink rapidly and is ready to be connected to your Wi-Fi.



We suggest either method of screwing-in or using double-sided 3M tape (provided) to mount the nowe  SMART Sensor to walls, doors, windows or even drawers.



To install correctly, ensure that the triangular marks (on front face of product) are facing  each other.  

Also, ensure that the distance between the central sensor unit and the magnet is NOT greater than 10mm. 

iHAS Services offers a 24 Month warranty period on the whole nowe product range